Basic Scout Uniform
  1. Den-appropriate Cap
  2. Den-appropriate Slide
  3. Den-appropriate Neckerchief
  4. World Crest Patch
  5. Greater Alabama Council Patch
  6. Pack Numeral Patches - 275
  7. US Flag - Right Sleeve
  8. Rank Badges
  9. Scout Belt
  10. Blue Shirt (Tiger/Cub),
    Khaki (Webelos)
  11. Official BSA pants or jeans
A Scoutís uniform should always be neat
and clean. Shirts should be tucked in, and
hats should be on straight. Neckerchief can
be worn under or over the collar. A slide
should be pinched back in order to secure it.
Basic Scout Insignia Guide

Basic Leader Insignia Guide

Refer to the Official BSA Uniform & Insignia Guide - #33066 for more detailed
information. The guide may be purchased at the Scout Shop.

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