Pack 275 is proud to have fully trained leaders to coach new leaders as well as
        put on  a fantasitc year of Cub Scouting.  If you decide to join as a den leader, you will
        be provided with numerous opportunities to receive all of the necessary training to make
        your job easier.  

        Before you are considered a TRAINED Cub Scout leader, you must first complete basic
        training in the following areas - 

                - Fast Start
                - New Leader Essentials
                - Cub Scout Specific Leader Training
	        - Youth Protection Training

        Once these courses have been completed, you will receive your TRAINED leader's patch
        to wear on your uniform. 

        Additional training required for Cub Scouting is "Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation" 
        and "Youth Protection Training".  These courses are required by all leaders that work with
        cub scout age youth and conduct overnight campouts and events.

        Once you have completed your initial training, you will want to continue your training in
        more specialized areas of scouting.  Training opportunities offered by the Arrowhead District
        may be found on the District Training Schedule. 

        Check the Pack Calendar and  District Calendar regularly for dates, times and locations for
        training offered in our area.

        Remember!  Every boy deserves a TRAINED leader.  If you have questions about training, 
        please contact our pack  Cubmaster for additional assistance.
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