For boys and parents that wish to join the pack, the following applications must be completed
      and turned in with dues to the pack Cubmaster or leader of your son's den.  

	  Cub Scout application
	  Adult Scout application (optional)
	  Pay dues (Cash or Check payable to "Pack 275 BSA")

      Dues for 2009:

	  Cub Scout Dues		$15.00 (Starting 2010)	
	  Adult Leaders			$15.00 (Starting 2010)
	  Boys Life Magazine	$12.00

      Sometime during the next several weeks, you will want to purchase for your -

	  Tiger, Wolf or Bear Cub Scout -
		Required Items			Optional Items
		Den Specific Book  		Den Specific Socks
		Blue Uniform Shirt		Den Specific Cap	
		Blue Uniform Belt		Pants/Shorts	
		Den Specific Neckerchief			
		Neckerchief Slide				
		Pack Numerals 275
		Council Strip
		Purple World Crest patch

	  Webelos Cub Scout -

		Required Items			Optional Items
		Webelos Book  			Green Socks
		Khaki Uniform Shirt		Green Pants/Shorts 
		Green Uniform Belt		Webelos Cap
		Purple World Crest Patch			
		Council Strip				
		Webelos Neckerchief
		Neckerchief Slide
		Pack Numerals 275

	Pack 275 is all about the boys and their ability to participate in scouting.  We will make
	every effort to accommodate Cub families that may have difficulties purchasing uniforms
	and equipment.  Remember, you don't have to buy it all at one time.

	You will find everything you need to outfit your new scout at The Scout Shop in Huntsville
	on Drake Avenue.  
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