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Why Do I Run ScoutingPages.org:
I myself am an Eagle Scout and am giving back to Scouting as much as I can. In the Eagle Scout Challenge, there is a section that asks all Eagle Scouts to pass on to others a helping hand so that they may be better citizens in this great country.

"The final responsibility of an Eagle Scout is service. The Eagle Scout extends a helping hand to those who still toil up Scouting's trail, just as others helped him in his climb to the Eagle. The performance of the daily Good Turn takes on a new meaning when he enters a more adult life of continuing service to others."

I am also a networking engineer, graphic artist, and web designer, and to further my skills I create and run several web sites for other non-profit organizations.

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Simply click on the donate button at the bottom of this page. You can donate with a PayPal account, a credit card or you can send a check to me directly. If you wish to send a check please contact me and I will send you my mailing address. All those who donate will have their group posted on the front page of ScoutingPages.org.


Daniel Covell
Eagle Scout

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